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Last Update: 17 Nov 2018
Version 8.1.2
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You can also use your smart phone to scan the SCS Talikhidmat App Version 1.0.0QR code at the main page of or using a QR Reader. Choose “Open the URL” to begin downloading.

For Android users, please ensure that your smart phone allows 3rd party installation. 
To do this, go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources (Tick Unknown Sources)>Select Ok

Majlis Daerah Simunjan

Gunung Ngeli New Service Centre

94800 Simunjan

Tel: 082-803610

Faks: 082-803785


The Malaysian government is implementing open data to facilitate people's to access and download the open government data online through the official portal Sarawak government open data is also made available trough the portal. Use of government data is bound to the 'Terma Penggunaan Data Terbuka Kerajaan 1.0'.

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What is your preferred channel to reach state government services through mobile?

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